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Answergen: Designed for the Business User

Answergen is dramatically different from any other business analytics tool on the market. Traditional analytics and reporting tools require a lengthy implementation effort and a significant IT effort for both setup and ongoing administration. Answergen provides a variety of industries with a quick and efficient means to consolidate, analyze, and report on large amounts of disparate data. Increased business insight and visibility promote effective data driven decisions at every level of the company.

Answergen Principals


The first priority: Business people should be able to get answers to business questions quickly, with virtually no training, and without having to ask others to provide the answers.


Users shouldn’t have to wait for IT to provide information when their analytics and reporting needs change.


A state of the art business intelligence solution shouldn’t require weeks or months or months of costly and risk laden implementation time to gain insight into your business Answergen can be up and running in days.


Ease of use shouldn’t come at the expense of functionality. Answergen provides full feature analytics without complexity.

Data Under New Management

All you want is to be able to get what you need, when you need it and have the confidence you can make decisions on the information. Answergen will put in the foundation you need to get your data under new management.

Designed by Business, for Business

Answergen can be used by anyone in the organization that can use the internet and basic office applications. We have designed it from the business point of view. Here is the test. If the other products claim to be so easy, why do they charge so much for training? Why is so much training necessary? When is the last time you need training to use your smartphone? We do not charge for training for as long as you are a customer.

Other BI Solutions

As a result of our exposure to a variety of analytics and reporting solutions we can take a consultative approach when understanding the issues your organization faces in recommending a solution. We welcome the chance to understand what you would like to achieve from an analytics perspective to let you know how we may be able to assist you.