One of the major challenges facing companies is the fact that a great deal of the total time consumed by typical business processes is “lag time.” This is the time tasks are in transit, on desks or in email in-boxes. It is unutilized time that does not add any value to the business.

Sengen’s workflow automation solutions utilize technology to eliminate “lag time” by intelligently routing and tracking information based on pre-defined business rules or organizational policies. As the work flows through the organization, it collects information from various sources that is used to determine the subsequent routing. Participants in a process can be customers, partners, employees or other applications such as databases. Examples of business workflow, that Sengen can help automate include:

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Today’s global competitive environment is forcing companies to evaluate the cost of even the simplest processes. By automating the workflow, Sengen helps achieve substantial efficiencies and cost savings. We can help reduce the time it takes to respond to a customer from hours to minutes or shrink the time it takes to process a document from weeks to days.

Workflow automation also reduces the amount of resources needed to process each task, thus eliminating layers of resources without changing how the work is processed.