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One of the first places your customers or partners turn is the web – whether they are searching for, researching about, or buying from your company. Doesn’t it then make sense to ensure your web site is up-to-date and reinforces the company identity you have worked so hard to build?

By understanding how people use the Internet, Sengen leverages the disciplines of web site development, information architecture and interface design to create web sites that deliver an online experience consistent with your brand. This will transform one-time users into long-term customers, employees, and partners.

Sengen’s Capabilities Include:

Web Site Development

The objectives of Web sites vary from company to company and project to project. For some companies, the objective is to leverage the Internet as a commerce channel. Other companies utilize the Internet as a content and marketing delivery channel. Whether the purpose is commerce, marketing or content, we understand that a company’s web presence is a key brand communication point. Our objective is to ensure the integration of business objectives, technical requirements and marketing messages into a smooth user experience that best delivers a company’s brand attributes and value propositions.

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Information Design

Whether it’s crafting visual, psychological and contextual cues that assist a customer to execute a transaction on a Web site, or developing an appropriate information hierarchy on a product package or retail sign, we leverage our knowledge of information design across many different projects. And with each of our disciplines, we utilize our understanding of the user and business objectives as a foundation for our information design solutions.

Interface Design

UI design is all about the details: the size and placement of a button on a screen, the selection of colors and typography, and the nomenclature and editorial cues that are used for navigation. We pay close attention to all of these variables when developing interfaces at Sengen. The objective is to assist the user to complete a specific task while providing a consistent, branded experience.

To learn more about these examples or how we can assist your company in streamlining your business process through the use of technology, please contact us at (239) 908-6700 or let us know how you would like to streamline your data communication process.