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Many companies have countless dollars invested in legacy systems and want to protect these investments. However, the Internet has transformed business processes and altered the needs of customers, partners and employees. Balancing these changing expectations with controlled technology spending has made the web-enablement of legacy applications a strategic goal of many companies.

Web-enablement allows companies to achieve greater system efficiency while eliminating redundant development efforts. It leverages existing applications and offers a good return on investment.

Sengen offers a low risk option for web-enabling your applications by employing our tools and expertise to accomplish this objective. Our experience and diverse skills in Internet technologies helps us analyze and understand your systems in the context of your long-range goals.

We ensure that your enterprise applications are seamlessly integrated, so both users and administrators are not faced with multiple interfaces and systems.

Ultimately, Sengen provides you with a sophisticated, interactive web front-end, married to the legacy application on the back-end. This will harness the potential of the web, while leveraging your existing investment in applications on the back-end. This delivers results by increasing productivity and lowering costs, all while protecting your existing investments to achieve the best ROI.

To learn more about these examples or how we can assist your company in streamlining your business process through the use of technology, please contact us at (239) 908-6700 or let us know how you would like to streamline your data communication process.