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As the pace of business increases, speed and agility becomes increasingly important to the success of a company. Today’s winners are empowering their organizations through technology and are speeding the flow of business critical information independent of platform or format.

Whether an organization is securely exchanging data around invoicing or claims processing – competitive advantages are being gained and cost savings are being realized through streamlined communication channels.

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Sengen provides a proven data exchange and management service that facilitates the flow of information and data between partners to measurably lower costs. Through an award winning Electronic Business Transaction infrastructure, Sengen transports, translates and transforms business critical information through a secure channel in any technology format (e.g., XML, X.12 EDI, CSV, etc.).In short, Sengen provides an outsourced solution that facilitates the flow of information across any platform, in any format between partners through a secure network.

In addition to providing a platform that intelligently aggregates, routes and formats information, Sengen provides its clients with tracking and reporting capabilities to answer any potential customer or partner question around the status of the business critical data. By providing our clients with an accurate method to pinpoint whom the information was delivered to and at what time that person received it builds confidence and security around every “transaction”.

A few examples of our client’s successes have been in the development and implementation of a complaint/ inquiry tracking system, a real-time sales contract and approval system and an invoicing and billing system.

To learn more about these examples or how we can assist your company in streamlining your business process through the use of technology, please contact us at (239) 908-6700 or let us know how you would like to streamline your data communication process.